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Just Cuts celebrating hair heroes this Love Your Hairdresser Week

14 十一月 2023
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It’s the Australian Hairdressing Council’s Love Your Hairdresser Week, and Just Cuts recognises one Stylist can make a world of difference.

Just Cuts Campbelltown Macarthur Square owner and Stylist of 35 years, Joanne Ashkar, is one of 2,500 Stylists across the global Just Cuts network but continues to make a world of difference in the lives of her Clients.

“We just farewelled a Client of 7 years recently in her 70s and it was like saying goodbye to a family member,” said Jo. “Denise was moving to Noosa which was a big change for her. When she came in for her final cut we took a photo and posted it on our Facebook page and tagged Just Cuts Noosa.”

“After she moved, we saw Noosa took a photo with Denice and tagged us back. It was wonderful to see she had her favourite Style Cut and she was being taken care off over 1,100 kilometres away. Denice has messaged us to say how happy she is as well.”

Joanne says her team of Stylists experience the breadth of human emotion as trusted confidants and have supported their Clients through major life events, building emotional resilience in the process.

“One Client I’ll never forget was a lady I’d looked after for years who was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. I offered to shave her head at her place to try and help ease the impact of chemo, but she wanted to bring her family into the salon. So she brought her boys and her husband and they held her hand while I shaved her head.”

“The job can weigh heavily sometimes. I had one Stylist ring me who was upset after she cut a lady’s hair who had beaten cancer, but unfortunately found out the cancer had returned. This woman was at a stage where treatments weren’t going to work and my Stylist was devastated for her.”

“I said to her that her role is to listen and give her Client the best Style possible. I asked her if the Client left the salon feeling happy, because that’s the role we play in our Client’s lives. It’s hard to hear about our Clients struggles multiple times a day and it can get heavy.”

Joanne says no one has ever asked her how Clients can show their appreciation during Love Your Hairdresser Week.

“We don’t think of it from that perspective. When our Clients feel great we are happy. I tell my team our job is to be day-makers. Clients come into our salon to make their day and leave looking and feeling great. Providing that experience is the only reward we need and what matters most to us.”



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